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Steve Martell
November 30, 2023 | Steve Martell

Wine and Cupcake Pairing

Wine and Cupcake Pairing

First weekend of the month.


Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors as we guide you through the pairing experience. Little Miss Cupcake has again curated an extraordinary tasting experience. Her expertly crafted cupcakes, specially designed to harmonize with each wine's profile, will enchant your palate with their delicate textures and complementary tastes. Join us at our Kaleidos Wine Tasting Room this weekend, where you will have the pleasure of sampling our delightful Kaleidos wines alongside an exquisite selection of artisanal cupcakes. This unique experience will take you on a journey of taste and pleasure, as you explore the remarkable harmony between wine and confection.

$30 per person. Wine Club Members complimentary.



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